The Holy Spirit guides us and moves us to help and support various causes that we believe need our help and support. People with cancer disease, prostitution, disadvantaged youth and drug and alcohol users are our main focus right now. To combat these evils, we chose to contribute and be present in serious Institutions; we know and believe in their seriousness and their work.

“Cada um dê conforme determinou em seu coração, não com pesar ou por obrigação, pois Deus ama a quem dá com alegria.” 2 Cor. 9:7.

Our partners are:

MCM Povos

MCM Povos

Phone numbers
(62) 3505-7872
4003-4649 - ramal 109

62.3505-7872 - Caixa Postal 100 CEP 74.001-970 Goiânia-GO

Bank of Bradesco

Ag. 1633-0
Cc. 19.800-5

Bank of Brasil

Ag. 2738-3
Cc. 33.000-0

“Thousands of children worldwide are launched to a sad and cruel reality called prostitution. It is extremely difficult our minds believe that parents may launch 6 years old daughters in the sex trade, but this is a common practice in South Asia. These girls are raped by up to 20 men a day! And then undergo surgery to be sold again as virgins. Something cruel and deadly!

My soul was totally taken by love and pain for these children and I was introduced to MCM Missions, a group of Pastors who does a beautiful job around the world. Within this project, there is a unit called "Girl of God's Eyes", who cares rescues and restores the lives of these girls. Taking the children suffering and bringing them back to life that every child should have. With all the contributions that MCM receives, the institution buys these girls, and teaches them the way of Jesus Christ!"

MCM Povos

PROMOSE (Projeto de Recuperação Moral, Social e Espiritual)

Phone numbers
(35) 3526-9341

R. Vereador Osvaldo Lisboa Negrão
153 - Cohab IV - CEP 37903-454 -
Passos - MG

Bank of Bradesco

Ag. 1692
Cc. 034097

Bank Credicoonai

Bco. 756
Cc. 000506564-0

CRDP (Centro de Reintegração
Deus Proverá)

Phone numbers
(61) 9103-4532
(61) 9674-8747

Condomínio Bica do DER, Chácara
1 - E - Planaltina (DF)

Bank of Brasil

Ag. 3592-0
Cc. 10.457-4

HRC (Hospital Regional do
Câncer de Passos)

Phone numbers
(35) 3529 1340

Rua José Merchioratto, 37904-020

Bank Santander

Ag. 2268
CC. 13-000184-5

Bank Brasil

Ag. 0194-5
CC. 50.000-3

Caixa Econômica Federal

Ag. 0141-6
Cc. 501.501-6 (op 003)